Rotary Die Cutting is a precise high speed method of manufacturing parts from flexible materials. This technology is at the heart of CRC’s core competence. We have built our own machines in a modular format to allow us flexibility in combining processes, rations and materials to produce a variety of products.

This flexibility means that we can usually find a way to manufacture your products economically in the form that you want.

Our Multi-Modular Press Rotary Die Cut Press (MMpress) cuts and packages a part in a single pass. The MMpress is shown with a combination of processes including hot melt coating, rotary die cutting, packaging and heat sealing. The direction and speed ration of each station can be changed to make island placement and packaging practical without having a lot of waste.  Other processes such as flexo-printing, slitting and stripping can also be added.

The Singular Module Press is used for simpler jobs, those involving no more than two cuts. These flexible manufacturing systems mean lower cost set-ups and quick delivery. We typically ship within a week of receiving materials and tooling for quantities of under a million parts.

Rotary die cutting is inherently more accurate than other processes because the tooling is machined from a single piece of hardened tool steel and ground to within tenths of thousandths of an inch. The only loss in accuracy comes from slippage and stretch of the material. This can be controlled with experience and good web tension control.

Send us your specifications and we will work with you to find the best way to make your product as economically as possible.